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Heal naturally at A.D.I.O. Acupuncture & Wellness. 

Our experienced clinician is reputable, treating the most difficult and chronic cases. We provide patients with realistic treatment plans on your fist visit, so you have a clear idea of where you are and the path forward, to your ideal health. 

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Acupuncture Works

You are searching for a better solution. Acupuncture can help you achieve health, balance, and reach life's full potential, let us show you.

The acupuncture we provide is both effective and reproducible. Most patients will experience an immediate response to treatment. Our clinician is experienced, with more than 20 years of experience in the Buffalo healthcare community; you will receive a comprehensive and honest treatment plan.

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Our mission is to help people in our community that are suffering with difficult and chronic conditions by providing the most effective and comprehensive treatment.  

People desire true health and it is no longer acceptable to compartmentalize treating only symptoms. At A.D.I.O. it is our desire to find and treat the root cause of disease. Acupuncture is founded on the fundamental principle of treating the root of disease.


"Suffering from lower back pain almost all my life I tried ADIO Acupuncture. My husband and I were totally amazed!! My first visit was unbelievable.....I was pain free for 12 hours. After 4 visits I am now almost completely pain free for 2-3 days! Jonathan explains everything so completely and in language you can understand. He is so calming and the whole experience is relaxing!"

Janice P., Amherst, NY


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