Acupuncture close up


Jonathan McDonell L.Ac., PTA, MT

  My initial experience with Eastern Medicine was while working in a physical therapy clinic. I had been treating a patient with a shoulder problem and making very little progress. After a few weeks this patient came for his usual treatment and asked me if I knew anything about acupuncture. Having very little experience with acupuncture at the time, my response was one I'm sure many of you may have heard from a medical professional when you sought advice whether acupuncture might work for you, "I don't know much about it, but if it works go for it." 

  Needless to say, it worked. The next time I saw this patient he had receive three treatments from an Acupuncturist. I was inspired and amazed with the results this patient experienced. He was remarkably better with significantly improved range of motion and very little pain. I had to know more, however his description of the treatment had me puzzled. I had spent weeks with this patient manipulating his shoulder, using various modalities and nothing was working well. He had three treatments from a guy who stuck a few needles in him and walked away! This was an epiphany for me, that was the moment I knew this was what I needed to do. 



Following my newly discovered passion, I became dedicated to providing the quick, safe, and natural treatment that acupuncture was capable of to my community. I studied Traditional Eastern Medicine at the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine in Seneca Falls, NY. I had the opportunity to study acupuncture in the People’s Republic of China, receiving clinical training at Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the years since I have had the great fortune to study under some of the great practitioners of our generation like Dr. Tan, Tom Bizio, and Frank Bulter, and so many more. I feel it is my gift to be able to bring the instant relief from pain that acupuncture can bring. It is my good fortune to be able to utilize centuries old clinical treatments to help struggling couples begin families. It is my mark on the world to share this wonderful and effective treatment with the community I live and grew up in.