What is it?

Acupuncture utilizes sterile solid filiform needles to stimulate specific points or tissues within the body. Acupuncture affects the circulation of blood, fluids, and qi. This corrects patterns of dysfunction and provides the body's tissues with the nourishment they require to heal and function.

Woman Receiving Acupuncture


Acupuncture is one of the primary modalities in Eastern medicine. Eastern medicine looks at a patient's pattern of illness specific to the individual. The cause of disease is understood to be a combination of imbalances within the lifestyle, psyche, environment, trauma, external pathogens, and hundreds of other considerations. 

Eastern medicine has evolved over thousands of years, and much like Western medicine, developed it's own unique terminology. One of the foundations of Eastern medicine is that Qi and Blood travel through the body in pathways. These pathways are know as meridians.

Meridians can may get obstructed as a result of the conditions discussed above. When the circulation of Qi and Blood is impeded dysfunction will occur. Acupuncture excels in its ability to quickly effect the and correct the circulation of Qi and Blood. 



Acupuncture is a treatment strategy that has been perfected through thousands of years of use on humans. When performed by a skilled practitioner the number of injuries or negative side-effects are virtually non-existent. The most common side affect from acupuncture treatment is bruising. Some patients will bruise more easily than others and despite skilled needle techniques occasionally an acupuncture needle will cause a bruise. This is typically quite minor and most patients will not even notice any bruising. Occasionally patients will also experience some soreness following treatment where the needles are placed. This is temporary and most patients will notice this resolves after a few minutes of moving around. 

Generally most patients find their experience with acupuncture quite relaxing. The most common complaint we hear following treatments is, "I wish I had done this sooner."