We have made a considerable amount of changes to the way the clinic is structured. Here are some of the changes you will notice implemented ensure your safe: 

  • We have removed any carpeting without rubber backing to ensure we can properly sanitize the floors frequently

  • We have removed all magazines and shared items from the waiting area

  • we have removed most of the seating from the waiting area to ensure proper physical space

  • We have removed the water cooler. We will provide bottled water, we just ask that you take it with you when you leave

  • We are limiting any linens on the treatment tables. You will notice that the table warmers have been removed and we only use one sheet and a pillow case. If you are cold, of course we have clean linens upon request

  • All clean linen is now stored in sealed plastic bins

  • All treatment supplies are now centrally located. We only take what supplies we need into the room and dispose of anything not utilized